National Level High Performance Jump Rope Championship

A National Level High Performance Jump Rope Championship was held on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2019 at Institute Pendidikan Guru Campus Kuala Lumpur.

Events taken place were Single Rope Speed 1×30, Single Rope Speed Relay, Double Dutch Speed, Double Under, consecutive Triple Under, single Rope Freestyle, Pair Freestyle, Double Dutch Freestyle, Figure 8 and many more.

School children ranging from primary to secondary level flocked into the court and performed their respective skills from all over different states around Malaysia.

#MYJuRF was proud to have this event successfully carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Malaysia and Department of Youth and Sports Kuala Lumpur.

Let us hope for more like grand scale events to be held the coming years.

Once again a big applause for the trainers, teachers and judges making available the contestants and grounds ready for such an inspiring championship.



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