AGM MYJuRF Dan Kursus Kejurulatihan & Pengadilan

AGM MYJuRF Dan Kursus Kejurulatihan & Pengadilan Lompat Tali Berirama / Prestasi Tinggi Peringkat Kebangsaan.

Congratulations to MyJURF for being successful in organizing this National Jump Rope Coaching and Judging Course for Rhythmic and High Performance Jump Rope Year 2019, where participants were taught how to coach and perpetuate to the next generation this awesome sport of #JumpRope as well as sharpening the skills to be competent judges for future Jump Rope events.

Concomitantly, the Annual General Meeting for #MyJURF was held too at the same venue, where different dedicated minds come together, brainstorming best possible ways to organize the anticipated upcoming National Jump Rope events.

Needless to say, these bunch of selfless and committed members sacrificing their personal priricelss time, and forging their own expenses, travelling all the way to make this successful. A big applause for their endeavor.

Prayerfully, MyJURF will continue to soar into greater heights in the world of sports, bringing health benefits to the nation.

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