Annual General Meeting Series 16

Annual General Meeting Series 16, Malaysian Jump Rope Federation (MYJuRF). Date: 14 Mac 2020. Venue: Sani Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held even though there were Covid-19 cases. The meeting was held before the MCO implemented for the whole Malaysia. The meeting was held in a good manner.

High Performance Rope Jumping Competition Series (2)

High Performance Jump Rope Competition 2nd Series at Sunway Big Box, Retail Park, Sunway Iskandar Putri, Johor Bahru on 19th September 2020 The Johor State Rope Jumping Association has successfully held a High Performance Rope Competition with over 100 entries among primary and secondary school students. Congratulations to all the winners.

School Level Rope Jumping Competition

Date : 9 September 2020 Venue : SK Sungai Kapar Indah, Selangor. A total of 15 students were selected to participate in the speed category competition.

Talent Search Level 1

Date : 18 Ogos 2020 Venue : SK Bukit Kemuning 2, Selangor. A total of 3 year 3 students were selected from 20 people who will represent the school in the competition to be held later.

High Performance Coaching & Judging Workshop

High Performance Coaching & Judging Workshop Zon Level 2020 Held on August – September 2020 4 Workshops for High Performance Coaching & Judging Workshop was held on August to September 2020. The Zones are : BIL ZON DATE VENUE NO. OF PAX 1 ZON TENGAH 15/8/2020 ANCASA HOTEL, KUALA LUMPUR 30 2 ZON PANTAI TIMUR […]